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-What is a “Masterpiece Edition”?

The vision of Prototypez Studio has always been to present consumers with a product so close to the Prototype that they would be hard to tell apart. Through hard work, patience and close partnerships, Erick Sosa and the Prototypez Team achieved the impossible: The Masterpiece Edition. The quality of the product is set beyond industry standards, with flawless paint applications and engineering. Our quality control team understands Erick’s vision and guarantee that “what you see is what you get.”

-Why are the edition sizes so limited?

By concentrating on quality over quantity, we decided that a lower edition size is realistic to maintain this “Masterpiece” format.

-What does Pre-order mean?

From concept to completion of product samples, we allow customers to secure their copy prior to production. A few payment plans will be available for those interested in this option.

-What are the payment plans?

Eeasypay: Purchase amount will be paid in 5 monthly payments. Once final payment is received, the product/s will be shipped. For exclusive products (i.e. Evil Ryu), Easypay will be available in two payments.

Payment in full: For pre-orders, a discounted price will be applied for payments that are made in full for non-exclusive products. If product is in-stock, then it will ship 24-48 hrs after confirmation of payment received.

-How are shipping cost calculated?

For pre-order items, an approximate shipping cost will charged on check out. When the product arrives in our warehouse and ready to ship, there is a possibility that shipping could be more than originally quoted. In this instance, we will invoice you the remaining balance.

For in-stock, shipping charge will be added to your total amount at purchase.

-How will my product be shipped?

FedEx ground will be our primary choice for within the United States

International shipment will be through USPS International. At this moment, a more accurate shipping quote will be provided when the item arrives at the warehouse and ready to ship.

-When will pre-order items arrive?

Because of our commitment to quality and ensuring that all products are checked thoroughly by our Quality Control team, products should ship approximately 7 months from the pre-order sale date.

In addition, we will work on providing shipping updates as the product reaches completion for those that have purchased.

-What is your refund policy?

For pre-order and in-stock items, refunds will be provided for products that have not shipped within the planned shipping dates. For example we promise to ship within 7 months, and we end up taking an extra month, you can get your refund including NRD (Non Refundable Deposit), if we don’t come through why should you? Buy we know we can, and this is why we limit our edition sizes.

-What is your return policy?

We strive to provide the best customer experience. If you are not satisfied with your product, simply send it back within 30 days and we will issue a refund right away. Although, we hope that every product reaches your door beyond your expectations.

If there is any defects, breakage or other issues regarding your product, you can e-mail customer support. If we can replace the part, then we can ship a replacement at no charge. Any larger issues, we can work on an individual basis. Our goal is your satisfaction and NOTHING else.

-Can you sell your products worldwide?

Unfortunately, our current contract does not allow us to sell to Asia. But hopefully, that may change on the next release which is Akuma and Shin AKuma.

We are allowed to sell our products directly everywhere else.